Schedule On Priority Registration Period- Domain Names With The Suffix .澳門

  1. The schedule is established in accordance with the provision of “Regulation on Internet Domain Name Registration of the Macao Special Administrative Region” (hereinafter Regulation) effective from 9th January, 2018, Article 15 Transitional Provision, and only applicable to the item 3 stated below mentioning the domain names with the suffix .澳門registration within the priority registration. (.政府. 澳門is excluded)

  2. For the other domain name registration will continuously manage under the basis of the current general regulation, for more information please refer to :

  3. Priority registration period is divided into three stages, please refer to the chart below for details. Applicant shall follow the chart below, submit the corresponding domain name application, otherwise the application would be rejected.
  4. Stage

    January 9 -January 23, 2018
    Public entity registered within the Macao SAR may apply for the second-level domain with the suffix “.澳門”which matches the name of the entity registered within the Macao SAR.

    January 24 - February 7, 2018
    Trademark or patent holder registered within the Macao SAR may apply for the domain name with the suffix “.澳門” which matches with the name of the corresponding trademark or patent.

    February 8 - February 22, 2018
    The domain name holder who still owns the Chinese characters domain name until 8th January 2018, may apply for domain name with the suffix “.澳門”, which matches with the domain name owned.

  5. For more information of the application procedure, please refer to the Regulation Article 5 Stipulate. Macao Network Information Centre will approve the priority registration application at the end of each stage.

  6. Macao Network Information Centre keeps the arrangement on the above regulation interpretation, and the decisions of Macao Network Information Centre should be final and conclusive.


Last Modified: 08/01/2018